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Smart Home Automation Control System Interface II (MS) #EL03-76

Smart Home Automation Control System Interface II (MS) #EL03-76

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Use: MS Control System, Smart Home Automation, Interface II

  • Extends the functionality of an existing Home Automation system to control MaestroShield motors and electronics
  • Wirelessly control up to 16 motors per interface box (up to 99 boxes can be linked over RS485 for expanded functionality)

Maestroshield - MaestroScreens

MaestroShield® home automation interface extends the functionality of professional home automation systems (Control4, Crestron, etc) for wireless control of our motors and electronics.

Use advanced voice commands, apps, and custom scenes for truly smart control of shades, shutters, screens and more!

It is a virtual wireless transmitter that is controlled by RS232/RS485 serial commands sent from a home automation system. This can be used to control up to 16 individual motors using one interface box. Up to 99 interface boxes can be daisy-chained together to accommodate any size application

Type: MS

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